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BLCU Bangkok College Held a Chinese Program Performance and New Year Party

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On the evening of December 16, the auditorium of Beijing Language and Culture University Bangkok College was brightly lit and beaming, and more than 250 students, teachers and alumni of the university welcomed the 2018 - 2019 academic year Chinese program performance and the new year party.

Mr. Hong Baichuan, Chairman of the board of directors of BLCU Bangkok College, fully affirmed the activity and expressed his strong support. He thanked the college for its meticulous organization and the Chinese teachers for their hard work.

Ms. Qiu Xinli, wife of Thailand’s former Deputy Prime Minister, spoke at the party as a student representative. She reviewed her four years of study in Bangkok College, thanked the teachers for their tireless teaching and educating spirit, praised Yang’s warm and friendly encouragement and help to each other, and encouraged the students to continue to work hard to complete their studies and learn Chinese well.

In his speech, the Chinese President of BLCU Bangkok College, Zhuo Contention, first thanked Thailand for its support to Bangkok College. I hope that students will take advantage of the “4.0 development strategy of Thailand and China’s belt and road initiative”to learn Chinese well, understand Chinese culture in depth, and contribute to Thailand’s economic construction and friendship between China and Thailand.