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BLCU Students Succeed in 2018 Humanities Competition

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On December 29, the 2018 finals of the humanities competition for university students in five provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in North China finally came to an end after a fierce and exciting day of competition. After a tense contest, the Beijing Language and Culture University team won the first prize (second place) in North China Division, setting a new record.

This morning’s competition includes two links: the closed examination of humanities knowledge and questions and answers on Confucian classics, history, politics, and the form of the examination is written examination, afternoon’s competition includes four links: creation and transcription of ancient poems, evaluation of poems and idioms, cultural performance, creation of ancient poems and scoring of transcription by hard-pen. In every link, the team of BLCU representatives brainstormed and completed the match perfectly.

The competition shows the deep cultural background and extraordinary humanistic of the humanities students in BLCU. The “view of humanity and cultivating worldwide” has been engraved in the minds of every humanities student, and they will uphold the humanistic spirit and demonstrate their humanistic style.