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BLCU Holds 2019 New Year’s Eve Party for Chinese and Foreign Postgraduate Students

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On the evening of December 21, 2019, the Chinese and foreign postgraduate students’ New Year’s eve party “BLseeU & Me: Towards A New Year” opened in Wutong Auditorium.

There are 3 sections of music and 12 programs in the party, bringing a feast of art to everyone. The A Cappella Vocal Society from the Central Conservatory of Music brought two songs “ Cruisin for a Bruisin” and “ Misbehavin”. The dance team of the BLCU’s student union of postgraduates the College of Arts brought dance performance to everyone, perfectly demonstrating the youth and vitality of BLCU students and the charm of the collision between the world’s popular elements and Chinese traditional culture.

The TV platform show “River” co-starring 14 models from China, South Korea, Japan, France, Thailand and other countries, the dance festivities that students from Sri Lanka, Samoa, Indonesia and other countries jointly performs, and the song gala that students from South Korea, Tajikistan, and Turkey competed with each other all fully demonstrated the colorful and gorgeous cultures of various countries, and also showed the confidence, high-spirited demeanour and exchanges and integration between Chinese and foreign graduate students of “ Mini United Nations”.

Teachers and students present said in succession that BLCU will joint hands with you to start a beautiful 2019, and the successful ending of the party is also the perfect start of the new year, and we wish everything goes well and create new splendor in the new year for BLCU.