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Tokayev, Another Foreign President Coming Out of BLCU

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On March 22, Tokayev took office as the new president of The Republic of Kazakhstan.

In autumn 1983, Tokayev came to Beijing Language College (now Beijing Language and Culture University) to study Chinese. He is diligent and studious, with excellent results in various courses. Together with the current Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Morcourt Rove, he is praised as the "best" in his class by the teachers.

Known as the “mini United Nations”, BLCU is a world-renowned international university, which is mainly responsible for the education of Chinese and Chinese culture to foreign students in China. In the past 60 years since its founding, many sinologists, Nobel laureates, diplomatic envoys and political figures have emerged from BLCU. Among them, Tokayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the only alumnus who is a sinologist, diplomat, head of the United Nations, head of government and head of state. BLCU is proud of this!

Tokayev, a gifted linguist, is proficient in the four working languages of the United Nations, knowledgeable and broad-sighted, and has long-term experience and rich experience in diplomacy and management of state affairs. He was elected Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director-General of the Geneva Office, which was widely expected. He took an active part in the field of “non-proliferation” in the international political arena and played an important role in signing the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.